Get a 'Custom Massage' to meet your health needs.


Whether you are preparing for a race, recovering from injury or just need to relieve some of that life stress, at Customized Massage & Bodywork, you will get a massage that is customized to your health needs. Our primary therapist Dennis Danley is Nationally Board Certified with the NCTMB and clinically trained to help you reach optimum health through massage.


Types of Therapeutic Massages

Training & Sports


Trigger Points

Myofacial Release



Massage is very beneficial for expecting mothers and babies. Pregnant mothers must be at least 13 weeks along before having a pregnancy massage. Consult your therapist for further information.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Chronic & Severe Stress can cause of variety of problems in the body from increased muscle tension to elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Severe stress has been linked to conditions like back pain, headaches, IBS, clinical depression and even life threatening conditions such as stroke & heart attack.


Help lower your stress through relaxing swedish massage. Ask your therapist how you can help manage your stress and decrease your vulnerability to the conditions listed above.

Additional Modalities Available

Additional Modalities Available

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy

Corporate Chair (Mobile) Massages


Ask about our Lypossage Body Contouring Program


Lypossage is a form of body contouring that helps eliminates fat and reduces inches on the body all through specific massage techniques that are all natural and non invasive.


Cancer/Lymphatic Drainage


Studies have shown that massage is very beneficial to cancer patients. Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique which eliminates waste from the lymph nodes which can lead to certain types of cancer. Consult your therapist for more information.


Cupping Therapy
Lypossage Real results for real

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a Chinese technique used to relieve pain and toxins brought on by physical activity and stress. Commonly used among athletes. Please see article about

US Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Michael Phelps.

The Science of Cupping