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In These Modalities/Services


 Relaxation “Swedish” Massage

Reflexology; Lymphatic Drainage

Trigger Points; Myofascial Release

Pregnancy; Cancer; Geriatric Massages

Training & Sports Massage/Kinesiology

Cupping; Hot/Cold Stones Therapy

Lypossage (Body Contouring)

Salt/Sugar Scrubs & Mud Wraps

Corporate Chair Massage

Equine/Dog/Cat Massages (Off Site)


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Dear Friends and Clients


In accordance with the State of Texas, 

we will be shut down through April 3rd due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Texas Massage Establishments Closed From March 20 to April 3

AUSTIN – As of midnight on March 20, all Texas massage establishments are closed until April 3 by executive order of Gov. Greg Abbott. The closure is intended to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

TDLR reminds other practitioners that they must continue to observe sanitary requirements. Anyone seeking guidance about whether to continue providing services should contact their local health departments or county judges, who are authorized to make that decision.

For any additional questions, please visit - Texas Licensing &Regulations

Please stay tuned for further updates.

**We have moved to a new location. Once we are able to open our doors we 

will be at 605 N. Broadway, Joshua, TX. Our new locations is right on the boarder of Burleson and Joshua on 174. We are still in the process of reconstruction even in our new building. Please stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

Be Safe, wash hands and stay healthy.

God Bless you all and Bless the USA
















**Receiving frequent relaxation massages

has multiple health benefits for the body.


To help encourage our clients to come in more often

and save money and their health**









The sole purpose of this membership program is to bring a substantial discount on the various massages/modalities/services to our clients. Through this ACH program we hope to financially enable our clients to receive the positive health benefits of massage therapies on a regular basis for better health and well-being.

Essence of Program:   

Membership ($60/month ACH)    


With this ACH monthly payment each member/client receives a one-hour relaxation massage plus a 25% Discount on all other massages/modalities/services, and retail store items during that ACH month (except for Lypossage program). Member may come in for unlimited services based upon availability of the requested service during the month.



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Regular price 1 hour relaxation massage is $70

Jasmine Membership $60 ACH payment for 1st relaxation massage.

All other relaxation massages would be $52.50 for the month and all other modalities would receive 25% off except Lypossage.

$10-$30 Savings off each massage.

Second Addition



Come in and check out our new retail store!!

CBD Products

Pain Management

Nutritional & Health

**Jasmine ACH Members save 15% off regular prices in the retail store.**







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At Customized Massage & Bodywork, our head therapist doesn't give just the everyday relaxation/Swedish massage to his clients, NO - Certified Medical Massage Practitioner Dennis Danley gives every client a customized relaxation massage complete with reflexology, facial massage and muscular alignment so when our clients leave, they feel RENEWED!


Many of our clients tout "this is the best massage I've ever had!" hence the reason Customized Massage & Bodywork has 5 STARS on Google reviews. 

A relaxation massage is designed for a person to completely relax and sometimes that is hard to do if your body is out of alignment which can happen from just everyday activities. 

Dennis starts with the head, relaxing the mind which helps to release tension and works down to the legs and feet with some reflexology treatment and ends with a great back massage and a muscle realignment to help keep the body in a relaxed state. 

If you have additional problems or areas or soreness and pain, that can be helped too through various medical massage tactics. 

Come experience a whole new level of relaxation in a premium relaxation massage at Customized Massage & Bodywork. 


CMBW Massage

1 Full Hour + Free Consultation

Reflexology Included

Special Creame - no oily feel.

Massage is customizable to client

Other Therapists

50 minutes

Reflexology Extra Charge

Tipically Use Oils

Basic massage only


What is Cupping you may ask? Cupping is an ancient holistic therapy treatment believed to originate in China. The process involves either glass or plastic cups on areas of the body to attempt to separate the layers of skin, fascia (fasha) and muscle. By separating the layers it increases blood flow, improves circulation and releases tension. It is used to treat chronic pain or tension in the body. 

     Do you remember Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming? He is a frequent user of cupping therapy. 

If you are interested in trying cupping therapy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    1. Make sure the therapist is CERTIFIED in Cupping.

    2. There are 3 types of cupping Dry, Wet, and Fire

            Dry Cupping uses plastic cups and sucking the air out creating a suction on the skin. This is the most common and safest form of cupping.

           Wet cupping is NOT recommended. Wet cupping involves cutting the skin in the areas in the cup in order to pull "bad blood" out of the body. This can introduce a variety of health risks because it involves blood letting. 

         Fire cupping is still used today but requires extra care because it does involve fire to create the suction in glass cups. Again, you should seek out a certified therapist if you wish to try fire cupping and may require an advanced appointment for preparation. If the cups are left on too long, they can leave severe burns, so be careful and seek out a certified professional.

     Of the 3 cupping types, dry cupping is the most preferred because it provides the same benefits as fire cupping and the desired affects and is the most safe among the three types.

      Here at Customized Massage & Bodywork, Dennis Danley is a Nationally certified Medical Massage Practitioner and is nationally certified in Cupping Therapy. Please give us a call if you would like to try cupping therapy or have any questions about cupping or any other modality we offer.

Always stay informed!!



on becoming a

Certified MEDICAL

Massage Practitioner


Dennis Danley is now one of the few therapists in the state of Texas who is a Nationally & Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist.